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Keys for Trees

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Keys for Trees

Sustainable SLO, a San Luis Obispo tourism initiative, is committed to assisting the city in achieving its sustainability objectives. Through our "Keys for Trees" initiative, a percentage of your hotel room fee in San Luis Obispo goes towards planting trees throughout the city. This effort is made possible by our collaboration with EcoSLO's Urban Tree Planting program. By choosing to stay in SLO, you contribute to environmentally friendly travel and aid the city in its endeavor to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

We're proud to announce that The Wayfarer San Luis Obispo is a participating hotel in this initiative. By staying with us, you not only enjoy your visit but also support the green travel movement and help the city reach its sustainability goals. You can further support SLO in reducing its carbon footprint by volunteering to plant trees, hosting trees, or purchasing gifts to endorse this cause.